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Error message after Windows starts up

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I get an error message after windows starts up. It says:

unhandled exception: c0000005
At address: 100016b8

It started a couple of weeks ago and I don't know why it is doing it. It doesn't seem to effect my computers performance. It is annoying and I am curious why it does it.
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I Think I might know why its doing that.........Do you have MS Office on your computer?
Actually, nevermind that, First, Can you check the event Log under your control panel, and see what the most recent error occurs.......(Do this right after you startup ur computer)
OK its says application error and description says:

fault bucket 19496467

I dont know what it means!
The error status 0xC0000005 is a Windows "access violation". This happens when an application tries to access memory that does not belong to the application. WinXP catches the improper memory reference, and if the application does not have it's own code to deal with this problem (i.e. it's an "unhandled exception"), WinXP shuts down the application to prevent it from corrupting other applications.
Well It seems to be a program that automatically starts up when Windows starts. Do you know how where I can go to change which programs start when Windows starts up. I thank you for your help.
I was able to solve my problem. It was time anyway to clear out all the junk on my computer, so I deleted all unnecessary programs. I dont even know what the program was for. I thank you for your assistance. I would still like to know how to configure what programs start when Windows start though. Thanks again!
You're Welcome:D

Here is how to do it:

Go to START > RUN > Type in "msconfig"

A small window will pop up......From the top, Choose the "STARTUP" tab.......

Once you choose that, you will see a large list of applications.........This list consists of all The programs that execute at startup,.........UNCHECK all programs you do not want to start up in the startup System Tray........

Once you are finished, Click on APPLY, Then OK

Restart your computer, and thats it! :D

Hope this helps!

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Thank you. You have been very helpful.
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