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oh no

if it shows c: as Ramdrive, then your machine isnt detecting your hard disk at all....

you just might not be able to fix this without running fdisk...

i would try booting it from the boot floppy, and run fdisk, and tell it to display partition information. if you dont make changes, then it cant do any damage to use fdisk to look.

you should get a warning if there isnt a c drive showing up, and that will tell you if there is even a hard disk connected. if it says there isnt a hard disk detected, then check to see if any cables have come loose.

but if you get into fdisk's menu and choose display partition information and dont see any partitions, then something odd is up.

i dont see why deleting outlook express could have caused all this havoc though.

i delete that crap from every machine i come close to, and ive never had it do anything like this.

was someone inside it? (physically)

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