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error loading operating system

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when i started windows i got an error top left corner of my screen it says
"error loading operating system" i tried reinstalling windows but that doesnt work (doesnt even finish installation) i have bios version 1.21.13 i think the problem lies somewhere in the AMIbios. thanx any help will be greatly appreciated
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Hi, if it was bios you'd be getting beeps.
Can you get into safe mode by pressing F8 at startup?
no when i press f8 i can only boot hard disk cd rom and floppy
ok ill try this thankx for your time ill let you know if it works
i tried but repair wasnt an option so i tried installing windows again setup finished i restarted my computer and then instead of "error loading operating system" i got "missing operating system"
The reason you will not have been presented with the repair option, is because no operating system is being detected. You need an OS installed to repair it, of course.
As XP was obiously installed, then this presents us with a different problem.
The Hard Disk Drive could be damaged or the Master Boot Record, MBR, has been corrupted.

First thing to do would be to enter your BIOS setup and check that your Hard Drive is being recognised properly. It informs you on your Boot Screen how to Enter Setup; usually by pressing F2 or Delete e.g.

But first, could you please tell us the manufacturer and model of your system; or the spec of your PC if not purchased as a whole system.
Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Video, Hard Drives and Power Supply.

This will allow us to give you clearer instructions on diagnosing what's wrong here.
thanks for your time but im just going to give up for now, im going to try to get a new hard drive
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