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Error Id 11 Port3

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Been having slight issues that started April 7 2011.I am currently runing Win 7 Ultimate, dual 5870's, 6 gigs mem, i7 960 cpu- cpu is cooled with Corsair H70, mobo dx58so,Hd Hitachi deskstar 1TB-sata, cd rom Tsst corp cddvdw ssh23c-sata, and the Sentry lx display monitor, case is the Antec 1200.

My machine, ( game rig) started giving me the sound of a device being unplugged and plugged in repeatedly . I looked into Event viewer and found this error message :

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort3

I'd like to add that I don't over clock, and I don't use my game rig to surf the net. It's strictly for gaming.

The machine freezes up periodically. It will have to be shutdown manually, then is restarted and i get the message "no proper boot device is installed".

I can be in a game, go to watch cinematics, and game freezes up , and machine as a whole freezes up. I have also noticed one of my graphics cards running at idle, just desktop up, running at 400-857 mhz for gpu clock speed. VDDC reads from 1.030-1.165v.

It use to read 0.950v at any given time including in game. The memory clock reads 1225.omhz and this is at idle on desktop.I know the cards are known allegedly to handle this but I would expect alot lower stats being at idle on desktop.

About an hour ago, winds recommended I do a "restore". I did. However, it came up and said " starting up windows" I waited 15 minutes windows never loaded . I'm at a loss here. Not sure which route to go. I searched google for answers, but didn't find anything of "real" help. I'm in hopes that some one here can offer me some concrete advice / help to get the issues currently at hand cleared up.



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Please post the information from this post even though you're not having BSOD's:
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