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error helpplz(RESOLVED)

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Kind reguards to anyone who is willing to help

I just reformatted and the windows install went fiine... I was installing my modem driver when i think i botched somthing up in device manager and when i turn on my computer i get horrible error messages, these are before startup..

"Cannot find a device file that may be needed to run windows or a windows application, the windows registry or SYSTEM.INI file refers to this device file,if you deleted this file on purpose try uninstalling the associated program or reinstalling it."

Okay and then thats not too complicated, i could by all means probably figure that out by myself but then this comes up after when windows starts in a error box..:
Also a dynamic link library error comes up, missing the file mspn32.dll .

Now if i had the windows 98 instead of the second edition disc, then i would have all these files on the darn disc ... Ive had bad experiences with downloading drivers from sites..

As far as windows is working fine, so im wondering if i go to the trouble of downloading these drivers, where do i put them, and how i can find out which device i have accidently disabled or enabled or if that is even the case at all??
I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this ^- ^
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Hi XiaoBin

Getting a modem to work in an older system can indeed take some doing.

You mention that you were in Device Manager & had some trouble there? Did you disable or remove any devices?

Tell you what = this might be your easiest plan:
1) Boot into Safe Mode (start tapping the F8 key as the computer starts)
2) Go back into Device Manager, and remove any devices with yellow exclamation points or red Xs. Remove any modems or networking devices.
3) Go into the Network applet in Control Panel, and remove any networking you see there.
4) Go to Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel, and remove any software relating to networking or modems.
5) While still in Add/Remove Software -- go to the Windows Setup tab: and from the Communications group, remove the checkmark from the box for Dial-up Networking.
6) Reboot - cancelling any New Hardware Found screens.
7) Go to Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel --- go to the Windows Setup tab: and in the Communications group, place the checkmark into the box for Dialup Networking = insert your Windows 98se installaton CD when prompted.
8) Reboot - cancelling any New Hardware Found screens.
9) Run the proprietary installation setup for your network card, as provided by the manufacturer (will likely require both the Win98se CD and a reboot).
10) Run the proprietary installaton setup for your modem card, as provided by the manufacturer (make sure you've got an exact-match driver - and follow the instructions exactly = especially if the modem is a "Winmodem" [relies on a software controller rather than a chip-based hardware controller])

That should do it: the files that you are seeing in your error messages are all Networking files for Windows.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

[P.S. ... I'm a little puzzled by your reference to your Windows 98 2nd Edition CD. As long as that CD is a retail version, it should be superior to any Windows 98 original CD = a great many more drivers are included, as well as many updated portions of the operating system itself. If your Win98se disk is the CD that is meant only to upgrade Win98original-to-Win98se -- (a fairly rare disk) -- then I'm curious as to what procedure you are using while reinstalling]
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yeah man

thank you very much, that seemed to have fixed the errors. :pray:

very much appreciation to you
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