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Error Has Occured !!!!!!

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I have put together a new puter. AsusP4B266 w/a running at 1.7 128ddr ram. I have used most of the parts from my old gateway2000 p-75.
Now everything seemed to be going well till I tried to get back into chat rooms. All my messaging works, AOL, ICQ, MSN. I have also made sure my java is running and cookies are being saved, thay are. I have also lowered my standards on security to the point that anything and everything will be seen and come in. I also put in pc-cillin2000 that came with the motherboard cd.
But I still get an error saying :

An Error Has Occurred In The Script On This Page.
Line : 1
Char : 37
Error : 'J 63' is undefined
Code : 0
Url :

If you need any more info on helpping me please dont hessatate.
Thank You, Kevin
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