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Error doing recovery with WinME

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Installing a new hard drive on an HP Pavilion 8860 P2641A
with os Windows ME
After doing fdisk I put in the recovery cd and get this error: This cd contains a backup of the software originally installed on an HP Pavilion PC and can only be used with an HP Pavilion PC. If you are receiving this message on an HP Pavilion, please call HP Support.

I went to their site and FAQs and followed the instructions for F8 Step by Step confirmation. They said to answer no to any references to DRVSPACE, DBLSPACE or DWCFGMG.
There were no references to DRVSPACE, DBLSPACE or DWCFGMG. Answered yes to all prompts. Still doesn't recognize it is an HP Pavilion.

Anyone experience this before? Any suggestions?
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Try asking in this forum,,405,00.html

Sometimes that link doesnt work properly you might have to backtrack a little and try this one

click on forums then on that page scroll down to other forums and discussions >>>> open that page choose home pc's

keep checking back here someone might post back(w/real knowledge)

PS hp try's to hide this forum from the public -its realy hard to locate

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There may be an issue with the motherboard. I do not know for sure with Hp computer but for what its worth Dell Cds read the bios. There is a good shot that is the problem. Unfortunatly the only way to fix it is to have the motherboard replaced. I would call HP and ask that they replace the motherboard for you if you are still under warrenty
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