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error 1321 hp deskjet f 2235

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Hello i am Lowy i have a problem installing a new printer HP deskjet 3 in one F 2235
As i install than after a 4 minutes it say a error 1321 is on your screen.And i do not know how to fix this problem and install this printer.Can you help me .Lowy
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The first thing you should try to figure is if it is happening before, during, or after the USB detection. That should help narrow down the possibilities.

If it is happening before USB detection you should try to shut down anti-virus/anti-spyware/protection softwares.

If it is happening during USB detection you can look for a defective port, defective cable, corrupted *.inf file (you usually can find them in c/windows/inf/) once in the inf folder open the inf files with wordpad and look for the HP deskjet logo in each of them, once you find it, delete the inf and pnf related file (they will have the same name except for the extension.

If it happens after detection it is usually a registry related issue, thats never too good, check on HPs website for a manual uninstall procedure that lists every registry key related to HP and delete them one by one. It could be due to a prior installation that was corrupted or leftover information from previous HP products.

Keep me up to date with this one!
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Go here for the driver and software installation:
Type in the model number.

1. Unplug all cables to the printer except for the power cord
2. Uninstall the driver and software through add/remove
3. Check in device manager to see if it is gone, if it isnt, uninstall there too
4. reboot pc
5. turn on the printer
6. Install the driver that you downloaded, connect the USB when the installation tells you to.
7. After installation completes
8. reboot pc

Note: make sure you are logged on to windows with administrator priviledges
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