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error 0200 acer aspire 3100

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Acer 3100 operating w/ XP. It takes several attempts to get this to boot. An error 0200 comes up indicating it can't find the HD. Then it gets lost in a loop loading a network device (or something). Finally it will boot and work OK. After going on standby it will do a physical memory dump or some other thing after a while that causes a shut down (and I start all over). It has gone into Acer 3-4 times (now out of warranty), has had two new MB, new memory once, the OS reloaded (several times) and still does not work well. I have updated the BIOS and checked the HD using Seagates HD utility (it is OK). It does all this when booting first thing so I don't think it is an overheating issue. Any ideas?
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correct me if my understanding of the problem is wrong.

problem is it cannot find hard drive.

here's the summary of what has been done to resolve the issue:

1. HDD tested to be OK - same problem
2. recently reloaded XP - same problem
3. motherboard recently replaced. - same problem

just to clarify, in reloading XP, was it a fresh install (drive formatted and installed with XP)?

here are the things i wish to suggest you try:
1. run Memtest86+ to test the RAM. run the test on one individual RAM module at a time.
2. run CHKDSK /R using XP install CD (recovery console).
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I have the same issue, with the same computer? I will run the memtest86+ to test the RAM modules... and I will put into the here the results.

Thanks a lot...

I removed the Hard Disk cover and the machine ran Ok, and if I put again the cover the machine has the problems again.
The problem could be with IDE connector. You need to take it apart and resolder the pata connector to the mb.( Not a job for just anybody! Alot of screws and snap joints. ) Some small computer stors can do this for you but they're hard to find. Hope this helps.
Hi all,
Yesterday I ran Memtest86+ in order to test the RAM modules and everything is OK, isn’t the memory issue… today I will try to resolder the PATA connector to the MotherBoard…
i have same problem,resolded and solded again ,and no result,i see motherboard dont stay in right line horizontal in cover ,and when put cover and use screw got error 0200 or resource conflict pci 03 ,but when i slow brake motherboard in diferent wys i got work normal
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