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I am currently working with a company that has a network built on an Exchange Server 2003.
My end users that operate on this network all work on a DELL Optiplex Gx 240, 260, 270, or 280. I have installed a viruse protection program that runs 24hrs/360dy....periodically scheduled scans...and a spam blocker at the server level not to mention the Junk filter that is updated regularly thorugh Outlook. I have scheduled clean ups that I also implement on a monthly basis. Saying all of this I know that it is not spyware, virus, spam,...ect. that is the cause of the issue. I will also include that not everyone experiences these "log in" errors as they have nicknamed.
The errors occurr at log in to the network. The description includes date and time. The date and time are always according to the last time they were in the system...meaning if they logged out for lunch once they return and get into the system the error would reflect what ever time it was they logged out prior to the most recent log the morning it reflects the previous day when they left to go home.
I have gone as far as to locate a few of these errors on the Event Viewer provided by the workstation and have collected the data that it has stored. You can find the specifics in the attachment. there are print screens of the actual error and the detail provided within the message along with the Event Viewer Information.
Source: Application Error
Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000
Version: 5.2
Message: Faulting application %1, version %2, faulting module %3, version %4, fault address 0x%5.
PLEASE ADVISE....I have researched everywhere and no clue as to what needs to be done to get rid of this.


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First of all " wfeef1.exe " doesn't seem to be legitimate since it doesn't come up in searches and especially its location. I would be suspicious about malware issues. This is an initial thought i had. I ll post anything I can find to help you on this matter. Meanwhile I would start a clean up. You may get help here under hjt log help forum.
Thanks for the reply...I appreciate it. I have to differ with you on the malware response though. I know that these computers are clean....I have loaded Trend Micro and do constant scans for everything...If there was an infection I would have recieved a notification and my log would have indicated this to me already and believe me I have looked and studied. Anyway....the point is the error message that I attached is just an example of one of the many errors that my end users recieve. These error messages are a random Alpha-numeric. The most recent error message that was recieved was the following:
DHB045.EXE all the rest of the information found and logged is exactly the same as what I have provided in the attachment. They constantly chage and no single one is the same as the rest. I have maintained a log to see if I could locate any repeating errors. The other thing that I should probably mention to you is if you notice on the error report contents page the executable shows an extra extension on it: WFEEF1.EXE.mdmp
Again, I do appreciate the help.
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