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Epson BX305FW phone fax issue

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I hope this is in the correct forum.

I have been trying to set up an Epson BX305FW to work as a fax on a shared telephone line/number.

I have followed the instructions in the manual to set up the fax. Everything checks out with the fax as the report shows PASS for each item.

The problem is that there is no phone line when the fax is connected. No dial tone, it actually sounds like there is a call in progress.

This happens whether you connect the phone into the back of the printer as suggested in the book or if you connect it to the splitter in the phone socket.

All the microfilters seem to be in order and you can get internet with the fax plugged in.

Any help much appreciated.
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Does the FAX actually work? Do other phones in the house work when the FAX is attached? My first thought would be a faulty printer/FAX.

However, you also mention the internet working. Does that mean you are also using DSL service?
Thanks for the reply.

Yes there is also a DSL service and no the other phones in the house don't work when the FAX is connected. I haven't sent any faxes but the test function on the fax says everything is ok i.e. it can connect to the line.

I wouldn't have thought the item is faulty as it's just come out of the box but it is possible i guess.
Sounds like the FAX is faulty. It shouldn't sieze the line. ALL of the phones should work unless the FAX is in use. The "phone port" on the back of the FAX is there simply to provide pass through to a phone to "share" the connection.
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