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Environment Scheduling Software Tool

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Hey all,

I don't know if this is the right area but I'm trying to locate some environment scheduling software but am having little luck. The software is so we can visibly show projects actively testing in multiple environments. There are other criteria but the below is probably the most important (Pretty fussy about what's needed): -

  1. MUST have a front login screen for users
  2. Needs to allow users to book multiple environments on the same request
  3. Needs to be able to process all bookings via calender entries (Months at a time)
  4. Needs to visibly show new bookings' conflicts and email requester and approver with new conflicts
  5. login needs to be setup to allow users to access their environment bookings as well as the conflicts they need to review and approve
  6. Needs to automatically confirm bookings via email to the requester once all conflicts are approved
  7. If date adjustments occur to a booking, it needs to be intelligent enough to adjust the existing conflicts to the new dates, as well as showing the adjustments outside the existing booking as conflict while the already confirmed areas stay confirmed
  8. Needs to be able to produce weekly and monthly reports based on the information entered
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