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Enermax Liberty...

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I bought an Enermax Liberty 400W PSU for my Core2Duo Machine. I am running an E6600, GeForce 7900GS, 2 SATA Drives, and a DVD Writer. For some reason my computer keeps restarting every 2-3 hours. Is it because I dont have enough power considering the video card would take up a lot of poweR?
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you look to be underpowered,put your specs into here
add 30% to the end result and thats the min that you require
you would expect to see a min quality 550+ running it
have a read here
That would cause my computer to restart over and oveR?
it is a good indication if you are not receiving any error message on the the reboot
yes an inadaquate PSU will cause your machine to shutdown and reboot

You should be ruinning at least a 600 watt high quality unit.

I would not keep running that rig with your current PSU you stand a big chance to damage other components

read the power supply sticky in the Motherboard section

you need a unit from the Power Desktop class
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I was running my new righ powered by a Hiper 580W, it just shutdown just like that at random. Not at all related to how much load or anything. Just 'boom' dead.

Replaced it with a 700W FSP Epsilon and haven't had a problem since.
So I'm with the previous posters, get a bigger PSU and you're probably ok.
I see. SO tomorrow im going back to mWave to pick up an Enermax Liberty 500w, its all I can afford at the moment. Will this still cause problems?
I see. SO tomorrow im going back to mWave to pick up an Enermax Liberty 500w, its all I can afford at the moment. Will this still cause problems?
Hard to say for sure, but you will still be in the danger zone probably, as linderman already mentioned you should really look for something 600W and above. Can you return your current PSU and get the money back to spend on another one there? I.e. will you only have to pay the difference?

I just checked and the unit you have goes at $68; what you should be looking for is something like the ANTEC TP3-650 TRUEPOWER TRIO ATX 12V 650W UL & FCC POWER SUPPLY FOR ATX CASES which is listed for $112.
Thats only $14 more than the Enermax Liberty 500w ($98) and will most definately be capable of pulling your system with extra to spare.

It's my advice anyway, better to stretch that little bit extra and be safe, imho.

Just to bump on what has already been stated. What you have to ask yourself is how much will it cost to replace my memory if it burns out from lack of adequate power. Then, you can decide between the Enermax liberty 500 and the Antec Trio 650 which is only $14 more. You are dealing not only with a power supply as mentioned, but other components as well.
Well, I am trying to stay under a $100 due to my dad replacing it for me. How about the Trio 550?
Too many Enermax Liberty's are DOAs and dying very quickly these days. Stay away from them for a now. I agree with the above recommendations of the Antec TruePower Trio.
I'd slap in the $12 myself in that case and get the 650W.

That's my opinion :smile:
I went with the Enermax Liberty 620W. mWave was out of stock of them, so I have to go and pick it up on Tuesday. Kalim, as far as I know, Enermax Liberty has been rated one of the top PSUs.

Let me jump in here. First of all, Kalim is right about the Enermax supplies and specifically the Liberty model. Their reliability has been dropping like a rock recently. Not only are a lot of them delivered DOA, but they seem to have a longevity problem or they simply don't last too long.

However, if you are lucky enough to get a good one, they are a good power supply that is very powerful. Their specs are good and if they perform as they are supposed to, they are very strong. I just wanted to clear that up, because Kalim was giving you the facts on this issue. We here on TSF (the power supply team) has stopped recommending the Enermax line of power supplies because of these many problems.

I wish you the best and hope you get one that lasts a good long time. Let's hope you do get a good one.
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owning a 500w liberty i can say its a great psu, but i would still take the trio as of right now. it has a 42a 12v line, is rated at 50c, and is built by seasonic.
Damn. =\ I hate it when I'm wrong. Well, I still can decide but we'll see.
well Illma:

I am happy you are atleast looking at a decent unit, even if we are trying to steer you into a great unit.

usually we are trying to steer the builders away from the Ultras, Rosewill's, Raidmax, Jantech's, Allied's, Aspire's & most >>>>Thermaltake's ~~~~~ :3-sick2:
actually, rosewill isnt that bad, lol. always thought of them as trash, but i guess for a mid range system, it should be considered i also have a monitor from them, cant say i hate it. theyre inexpensive, but they're not cheap.
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