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I'm trying to install Empires Dawn of the Modern World from the original discs. I've had no trouble with the first disc, not even having to run it in compatibility mode or as an admin, however during the install process it prompts you to insert the second disc. The second disc reads and can be viewed in the file explorer and the executable files on it seem to function (running the launcher brings up a window directing the user to insert disc 1) and I am able to copy the files over onto my computer. However, no matter what I do cannot get disc 2 to register as existing during the installation. Whether it's in the disc drive or running from a copied version on the computer, in compatibility mode for Windows XP service pack 3, as an administrator, in safe mode, nothing works, and the pop-up from the end of disc 1 is still displayed directing the user to insert disc 2 and press ok.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached an image of the message that I cannot get past.

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