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What I"m trying to get done is have my servers email me for alerts.
What I've done:
Found an freeware application called blat. It is useable in a batch file. I have written a batch with all the correct settings and that file has emailed me. And will email me everytime I double click it. The file is test.bat
Configured an alert for Drive C < 100% free. When the alert is tripped there should be an event logged and the test.bat should execute. When the alert is started, I can see that in the event log followed by the alert that drive c is < 100% free. However the email never gets send.
Google says when alerts aren't working right place them in a batch file.
Does anybody have any help please?
I'm not tied to blat so if there is another app that works let me know, I'm pretty much open to anything at this point as long as I cna get my alerts emailed to me.
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