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Greetings and Happy New Year if you are reading this! TIA for any help or input on my journey to find a resolution.

I manage a small law firm. 2 attorneys and 6 employees. Our current setup is our ISP (Bellsouth/AT&T) IMAP email connected to the Outlook client on each computer (office 365 subscriptions). We want to move away from this setup and start using our domain email. We were thinking of hosting it with Google Workspace or maybe even a server (we use OneDrive for file sharing) but also are open to ANY option out there. The attorneys and a couple of the employees sometimes have their outlook .OST file in the 50GB range, which causes issues when/if we have to repair the file or re-index it.

Our needs are long-term storage and fast access to searching when we need to search email. Sometimes we have to retain emails for over 6 years. Cost is not the main concern but will be a minor factor.
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