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I need help - maybe even to be told to post this elsewhere.

A couple of times each day my PC very suddenly stops being able to download all email except that provided by my ISP (NTL), stops being able to access ftp - stop being able to log on to remote servers vis remote desktop (though those already logged on continue to work) and is no longer able to view https pages, though normal web browsing is not affected.

My PC is on a network via a Netgear router, and recently I have found that only my PC is affected by this phenomenon. It lasts anything from 5 to 25 minutes but usually around 15. It all starts working again as suddenly as it stopped.

Restarting my PC causes the problem to go away - though it will return later on, after no particualr length of time as far as I can determine.

I suspect that something is running in the background which attempts to find updates online, or something of this sort, periodically and whilst it is trying to do so it stops these other processes functioning. Does this seems sensible?

I have had Task Manager open and no new process appears when this happens, nor disappears when it stops. There are no log entries in the application, security or system logs which seem relevant, that I can see.

Not sure what info would be required to assess this. I have a number of programs installed that could well look for updates etc (if my hunch is right, which it may well not be) eg. Adobe Acrobat reader, Realplayer etc. There are others but all I can think of have been installed long after this started happening.

This has been happening for a very long time, - though not, I don't think, from the very start with this PC. I don't know when it started, so I am not aware that it coincided with the installation of anything. Just lately it seems to have become worse, as it now happens at least twice a day every day, and generally for longer than I remember it doing before.

I have a SONY VIAO PCV-RSX4 series PC (2.39 GHz) with 1.25 Gb RAM
I have Windows XP Home SP2
I run AVG Antivirus SOHO edition
My internet is 1.5Mb cable supplied by NTL routing via a Netgear router

I have no idea what else you might want to know - please ask and I will oblige.

This is not the end of the world, but it is sometimes a real nuisance.
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