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Elitebook 8540W motherboard advice

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Hi there,

I posted a thread on this forum to get help on my laptop, linked here: (apologies i got the laptop title wrong, its 8540W not 3850W) I have took it to a repair shop and they have deduced that it is the motherboard at fault and i need to replace it.

The repair shop is currently looking at my options and what is the cheapest etc, there are listings on eBay which from an educated guess would fit my laptop but I'm not sure so I need a second opinion/support/advice on this.

The repair shop said I need to get the exact motherboard (the i7 version with 4 CPU heatsink screws if i remember right)

so this is my laptop: HP EliteBook 8540W 15.6" Core i7 2.67Ghz 4GB GAMING LAPTOP 1GB GRAPHIC CARD | eBay

I was just wondering if any of these motherboards would fit:
1. HP EliteBook 8540w Intel Motherboard 595764-001 LA-4951P 5704327835288 | eBay
2. HP ELITEBOOK 8540P 8540W CORE I7 INTEL MOTHERBOARD 595764-001 5704327835288 | eBay
3. New HP Compaq EliteBook 8540w 8540p Quad Core Motherboard 595765-001 | eBay
4. HP EliteBook 8540w Series Intel i-Core Motherboard LA-4951P 595765-001 | eBay
5. HP EliteBook 8540P 8540W for Intel CORE i7 cpu Motherboard 595764-001 tested 5704327835288 | eBay
6. HP EliteBook 8540w Intel Motherboard 595764-001 LA-4951P WITH BIOS PASSWORD | eBay
7. HP EliteBook 8540 Intel Motherboard 595764-001 LA-495 w/ Core i7-620m 2.67GHz 5704327835288 | eBay

Would all of these motherboards be compatible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,
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