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I have a Samsung A21 phone. I have tried to set up restrictions on the phone through various 3rd party applications (as the built-in parental controls only allow users to be signed in to 1 email account, which, unfortunately, does not work). Despite having tried many different services (at times using multiple at once), all of them essentially do the same thing. When trying to open a restricted app, the app is minimized while something requiring a password pops up. There are 2 built in settings that allow the user to get around any such restrictions. First, the "Pin Windows" function allows users to "pin" any window, regardless of restrictions set on it, which keeps other apps from drawing over the pinned app, meaning unrestricted access to the entire phone. I tried disabling this option in settings, as well as adding the Settings app to the list of restricted apps. That worked for a while, but there is another feature that allows constant access to the settings app, allowing the user to re-enable the "Pin Windows" feature. After opening an app, you can hit the three lines in the bottom corner of the phone to see all open apps. From there, taping on any open apps icon gives you various options including "App info," "Open in split screen view," and "Open in pop-up view." This pop-up view feature is the problem. Whenever restricted apps are opened in pop-up view, the restriction screens open in the background, while the opened app remains in the foreground, still able to be used. This feature is not possible to disable in settings. By opening Settings in "pop-up view" the "Pin Windows" feature can be enabled, allowing unrestricted access to any apps on the phone (and the app store).

I need to find a solution to this. I see 3 potential solutions, but cannot figure out how to accomplish any of them.
1. I need to find a way to permanently disable the "open in pop-up view" feature.
2. I need a 3rd party app that, rather than minimizing restricted apps, closes them entirely, so they are not running in the background. This would prevent the user from accessing the pop-up view feature.

I am very frustrated as it seems there is simply no way to restrict access to any part of the phone (or the internet)

I am also open to other solutions!

Note: I have contacted Samsung support about this, and they simply told me that the "open in pop-up view" feature cannot be disabled. I have scoured the internet for help on this, but all my searches return information on the "Smart pop-up view" feature (this opens pop-up windows when apps send notifications), which is NOT what I need to disable.
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