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I have a been having freeze issues with my system for a while now. The freezes happen most often when i try to download files (right at the 99% point) or when i am starting programs. It isn't always, but it is frequent. The freeze leave the screne intact with no blue screen or sound. the mouse stops and the system just hard freezes until i turn the power off. I am somewhat of a novice at computers and a family friend helped me build this one (he is a hardware tech for motorola).

ecs nf650slit-a mobo
eVGA 8800 GTS 320mb
2 g Ram
750w SLI ready powersupply
Upgraded CPU fan
no extra sound card, i use the built in sound (realtec)
Windows Xp sp 2

I have run many tests on the ram and cpu and all come back fine. I am not overclocking in anyway. The system is very quite, and runs very cool.

Though the freezing is hit and miss I can almost always get the computer to freeze by running a windows update (98% of the time).

I have done a lot of forum reading and found one other person who has a comprable system and is having the same issues. He thinks it is a glitch between the video card and the mobo. Any ideas or thought would be appreciated.

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