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Easy Detailing?

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My black Jeep Cherokee doesn't gleam like it used to. Anyone have a secret weapon product for bringing back the shine on my paint without breaking my back? Granted, I know getting it detailed would be the easiest on me. But it's not really that far gone and if I can save a little cash for other pleasures and do it myself I will. I'm not looking to enter any car shows so I'm not competition for anyone. Anybody got anything for me?
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I would suggest a good hand wash with warm water and some car wash soap or liquid dish soap and a really soft cloth or brush for washing the car. Then use a good cleaner wax on the car like Meguiars or Mothers.



Here is a link with some other products, but the video can be informative.

Wax your car!

More useful links:

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Happy buffing!

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rain dance is a good way to add a super fast shine.

it's one of the liquid waxes, and it applies really fast, and you will love the way the water just falls off the car like water off a duck's back.

also, it lasts a good 3 months.

but, with any wax you use, you are going to need to do quite alot of rubbing.

also you are going to want some really nice cotton rags for the finishing buff, as silly as this sounds, i always use munsingwear cotton t-shirts. they are alot thicker and softer than any other brand of undershirt that i've ever seen, so i just buy a 3 pack of those, and i use them as my rags.
I hear the best buffing towels are the thick cloth baby diapers if you can find them!!

1. Wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid. This removes old wax and greasy substances. Do not wash car with Dawn anymore, unless you are starting over. Use a regular carwash shampoo.

2. Rinse car off.

3. Use a clay bar. This will remove most embedded particles you can see without scratching. Mother's or Clay Magic are easily found. Meguiar's clay doesn't work very well. Follow instructions that come with the clay.

4. Rewash car and rinse and dry. Recommend 100% white, cotton towels. Real baby diapers work well. I've heard the microfiber towels also work well.

5. I like Zaino products. Zaino is a synthetic polymer, and will last for months and months. With Zaino, less is best. Most people use to much when they first use it. Easy on, easy off. It also leaves no white residue if you get it on the trim. It may seem expensive, but when you realize how little of it you actually use, it is comparable to other premium brands. Zaino is only available through Zaino, or it's dealers. BTW, I am not a dealer, just a happy customer, who has tried all kinds of waxes and polishes for over 40 years, and Zaino lives up to the hype.
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Some pretty good suggestions here. I think a claybar would be a very good idea since it very likely has some road grit and tree pollen accumulation. I was thinking of using a tree sap and bug remover before anything else since my grill and the front of my hood are apparently magnets for every bug in the state this summer. Or would a clay bar take care of that problem as well? I know I want the ease of use of a liquid cleaner wax. I'll take everyone's suggestion into consideration. No residue over plastics would be a plus......Which brings me to another point that I didn't think of before: I might as well clean up my plastic trim while I'm at it. Any suggestions for that?
rubbing alcohol and a clean rag is excellent at cleaning plastic, and will not harm your paint.
Yes, a good clay bar can remove bugs, tree sap, and other things. If they haven't eaten into the paint. If you have black plastic trim, after you clean it, try some tire "shine" stuff on the trim. I like Stoner's More Shine Less Time. Really makes it look good, without producing a glare, or look like the shiny plastic tires on a Tonka truck.
Yeah I imagine that'd look pretty good. My trim is gray though.
Try just a small dab on a very small section of the gray trim and see if it helps.
I'll do that.
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