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easy cd creator problem

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ok i am using E.CD creator 5 platinum, on XP Prof. and ill get to burn most of the cd or maybe half then i get an error message that says:
E80041899: Write error - buffer underrun occurred - [06/C5/00]
E80041934: TrackWriter error - Flush failed - [T7127]
E80041925: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed - [T7118]
Help, I cant burn anything now!!!
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I will be brutally honest. EZ CD Creator SUCKS! It's ruined endless cd's and Windows XP installs that get this software installed. Please consider going to NERO. Nero is THE BEST cd burning software anywhere!

is it really that better? does it let me make vcd's?
Oh yes, It really is better. I use to use EZ CD, but got tired of the crap it caused. So I got nero, NO Problems at all. It doesnt look as nice, but its the cd you want to work proper, isnt it?? Of course, and thats all that matters.
ahhh huh!

well thanks for the heads up on that. is it harder to learn?, cause the E CD C crap was super easy.
Um... not really, its a bit different layout, but you can move things around so it ends up looking like EZ CD. All in all, you shouldnt have trouble. Just explore all the settings, and menus, and after that, it should be no sweat. If you got questions, come back and ask about it.
Easy CD Creator is junk compared to Nero 5.5

I used Easy CD Creator for the longest time until I saw a friend of mine use Nero and he showed me how to make it easy. And, I wouldn't go back to Roxio for nothing. You can do anything with Nero that you can do with Easy CD Creator or CDRWin.

It is great. Just give it a try.

But, I will tell ya a good deal. If you buy a Lite-On 24x burner for about $109.00 and Nero 5.5 comes packaged with it and to buy Nero straigt out is about $70.00 bucks. Plus Lite-on is a great burner. I use to have Yamaha and HP and Lite-On kicks both their butts.

Good luck,

If you need any help with Nero just ask.

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well i finally got nero I havent tested it up yet, but hopefully there wont be any problems there with it. If anything i'll ask, cool.
ahhh burned my forst cd, a video cd. but it came out kinda choppy and sometimes alot of pixels come out? but it burned with no problem
try a music or data cd and you will see the difference from EZ CD then.

Glad to hear you got is really the best.

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