Music is a form of art where an artist can express feeling through the media of instruments and voice. This form of art allows us to recall memories, put us into a positive mood, or even provide background sounds in what would otherwise be a silent room.

The first recorded picture of music was dated at 510 B.C. where drawings clearly show how instruments can be used to create sound. Ever since then music has developed into many different genres and can be heard from nearly anywhere in the world.

We all have a song that we tend to enjoy over and over again, or at least prefer a certain music genre over the others. Just by knowing a person’s favorite song, band, or genre can tell you a lot about their personality.

The same favoritism spans to a person’s music listening preference. Some prefer to wear over-the-ear headphones, whereas others seek the convenience of small and portable earbuds. Just like music, the type of listening preference alters depending on the unit and brand.

When I am at home sitting at my computer, I use my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros over-the-ear headphones. While I find my Custom One Pros to be extremely comfortable, their bulkiness can be a letdown when traveling. For traveling I use my Beyerdynamic DX 120 iE in-ear earbuds which I reviewed a little while back.

My music tends to have a large range of instruments, vocals, and bass to them, so music devices that can handle my playlists can be challenging for the device to reproduce.

For many months, I have really come to enjoy my DX 120 iE and I began to see what else the Beyerdynamic DX lineup had to offer. The next and highest model in the lineup, the iDX 160 iE, offers the same great design, but includes some new advancements that are a must have for the premium listener.

Being a premium audio manufacturer, Beyerdynamic takes German engineering and innovates a unit that is unchallenged. Designed for the Apple user, the iDX 160 iE earbuds are focused for the user who won’t settle for anything less.

Welcome to my review of the Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE earbuds. Throughout this review, I will be discussing the following topics: the unboxing, design, music playback, and the conclusion. I would like to thank Beyerdynamic for providing me with the iDX 160 iE for this review.

The Unboxing

The iDX 160 iE is packaged in the standard Beyerdynamic packaging that includes the must have accessories for a premium product.

Inside, the box has a large foam block that protects the earbuds and minimizes any damage that may occur. Furthermore, the foam block also contains a hard, circular case which uses a felt material inside and has a small pouch to hold excess eartips.

Accessories begin with two detachable extension cables as the main cable is quite short. Extension cable number one supports Apple iOS devices and is identified by the white rings located on the 3.5mm jack. Cable number two is used for devices that are not Apple units and uses black rings. During my testing, I found that the white ringed cable gave the best sound regardless of what device I used it on. Beyerdynamic also flattens the cables to provide a tangle free mess each and every time.

Continuing on, the box contains eight differently shaped pairs of silicone eartips. With sizing ranging between small to large, finding the right eartip should not be a challenge. Two of the eight pairs are layered tips that are shaped to rest more inside your ear canal. One of the eight pairs is provided by Comply Foam and uses a microfiber material that can be pinched then placed inside your ears and quickly expand to perfectly fit your ear canal.

Finally, the iDX 160 iE includes a microphone/audio cable splitter, a cable shirt clip, audio splitter so that a friend can listen, and a helpful Multilanguage manual. It clearly shows that Beyerdynamic cares for the customer in assuring that they receive the highest level of satisfaction.


With the design of the iDX 160 iE being very similar to my DX 120 iE I mentioned above, the style is very minimalistic and simplified. Using flashy color schemes and large logos doesn’t assist in making your music any better, but rather takes away from the engineering, money that gives you a better sounding unit.

Built using an elegant and high-quality level of workmanship, the housing of the earbuds are a lightweight metal made from anodized aluminum that should hold up against everyday usage. An optional carrying case is available for these earbuds.

Coloring is offered in black with silver rings and changing that design is not an option, unfortunately. The weight is a hefty 53g, but I found them to be quite comfortable when the right eartips are in use. If you find that the earbuds are falling out, then you may be using the wrong eartip size.

The cable of the unit is quite short, but can be extended using the previously mention extension cables. With the extension cable the length of the cable extends to 3.9 feet or 1.2 meters, more than enough to reach your jeans pocket where your phone may be located. The cable is also flattened like the extension units and uses a 45 degree angled plug which some may like, but others may not.

Finally, the letter “i” in iDX 160 iE relates to support for iOS devices. The unit supports an in-line controller that also contains a loud and reasonable microphone. Volume, hand-free calling, and music controls can all be controlled from this remote. Those who do not own an Apple product can opt for the DX 160 iE which is subsequently cheaper.

Music Playback

For over a month now I have been listening through the iDX 160 iE and find that the results are very similar to my DX 120 iE.

Sound reproduction gives the listener a clear and crisp sound whether it be Rock and Roll, Top 40, or a random playlist on Pandora. The sound producers behind this sound are two Neodymium HD acoustic drivers that also provide a powerful bass.

Both music and video playback never became distorted nor uncomfortable, it was a smooth experience from the beginning. I would recommend a 24 hour “break in” period where the volume is set to low and music is played through the unit.

Lows, mids, highs, and bass were all spot on in my personal testing and Beyerdynamic claims to have a transparent treble that sets these units apart from what the competitors have to offer and I would have to agree.

In the end, I received a positive vibe while using the iDX 160 iE and it met my expectations of a Beyerdynamic product. The 47 ohm impedance that ranges between 10 – 25,000 Hz frequencies allowed the maximum 107 dB sound pressure to fulfil my requirements.


All in all, Beyerdynamic hit the nail on the head with these excellent earbuds. My results concluded that those who seek powerful premium earbuds can stop their search and click the buy it now button. For a price of $135, I feel that it’s well worth the money as these units will last a lifetime of use and even come with a standard two year warranty.

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