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ea cricket 2005

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i downloaded ea cricket and installed it
but when i click on icon it goes black screen then red box with (!) comes up with OUT OF RANGE wrote in the box
any 1 no what this means
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Is there anything else in the error message? Out Of Range can apply to a few different things.

Is this a demo or full version? It might need a patch.
i downloaded both demo and full version and same on both
in the box it says
H:16 KHZ
MAX 1280 X 1024
If you can't get to the Options screen in the game, look in the game's folder for a setup or configuration program. You need to select a lower screen resolution.

What graphics card and monitor are you using? Are DirectX and the drivers for both up to date?
i have a 17"tft fujitsu lcd
geforce 5600
i currentle play battlefield 2 with my current setting and have no problems
drivers are all updated
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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