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DVR-RW drive nto seen in boot options

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I am using is a SATA DVD-RW drive for a project I am doing for a friend and it does not show in the boot options of the motherboard. The mobo is Asus K8V SE Deluxe. Now there are 2 sata slots with the VIA Chipset and it's placed there at the 2nd slot. The first slot houses the SATA hdd system disk. Problem is I'd have to install an IDE DVD drive to have boot-to-cd options because as stated earlier the SATA DVD-RW doesn't show.

There is a Promise RAID slot(Fastrack) in the board but CD/DVD atapi drives are not accomodated there(I read it in the manual) so there...that's my problem. :4-dontkno:4-dontkno

Any ideas....?:sigh:
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First, it should be specifically outlined in the user manual.

Second, the location varies from BIOS to BIOS. It will be in the SATA setup options.
It allows the motherboard to treat SATA HDD's like IDE HDD's for older OS's (such as XP).

The USB stick is likely causing a conflict as they can be used to Flash the BIOS, or as a boot device.

You can mix or match IDE and SATA HDD's any way that you like. With that said, it also depends on the motherboard. Some motherboards have SATA controllers that support RAID only. Others allow the drives to be used in "IDE" mode as single drives.

As you don't want to use RAID, ensure "RAID" is disabled in the BIOS.
After checking the motherboard specs, you aren't likely to get a SATA DVD drive to function on that MB. The early SATA chipsets had issues supporting CD/DVD drives.
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