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DVD writer problems

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I have been burning home movies to DVD using Roxio, both with my HP DVD writer and my external Plextor for a year without any problems. Recently I developed several problems. when using the roxio DVD creater often my computor will not recognize a DVD in either my HP DVD drive or my Plextor drive and when it does and I try to burn the operation halts midway because of errors occuring while writing. I downloaded Adobe's premiere elements to see if the problem was Roxio, But I have the same problem with Adobe premiere. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this problem.

Just wanted to add that I get this error message drive not accessible because of an I/O device error.

Was reading something about the DMA mode vs PIO so I went into my comp's Device Mgr and checked the status of the IDE ATA/Atapi controllers and all the primary and secondary settings are set to DMA. Hope that helps to help me trouble shoot this problem.

today I just noticed that my DVD drive was not able to recognize a home made DVD that I made using that DVD drive. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this problem?

Thanks Evan

Computor specs:

Computer Name: HP Pavilion MCE

Operating System: Windows XP
Ver. - (2002)
Computer Make: Pavillion
Model - (M7300e)
Processor: AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core
Processor Speed: 1.99 GHz.
Memory: 2.00 GB.
Hard Drive: 300 GB.
Screen Resolution: 1280 by 1024
Web Browser: Mozilla firefox

* Operating System was preinstalled.
* This computer is a Desktop or Tower.

* I connect to the Internet using a High Speed connection.
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The link to the MS page was not helpful. My DVD HP drive came preinstalled with the computor.
right click on it's listing in the device manager and choose uninstall
right click again and scan for hardware changes
check for a firmware update
Before I follow your advice just want to mention that I have already uninstalled and reinstalled this drive. Also the CD portion of the drive works fine. Also Its the DVD portion that is giving me problems. Ran the DR PC scan on it and the DVD Drive Linear seek test failed as well as the DVD-RAM Random Seek test; DVD-RAM Funnl Seek test; DVD-RAM Linear seek test. Does knowing this help in trouble shooting?
the dvd laser may be dirty or burned out
How do you go about cleaning the DVD laser if it is dirty?

Thanks for your help Evan
either a cleaning disk or if you are competant open it up and clean with some alcahol on a cotton bud this being the recommended method
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