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DVD+RW to editable format?

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This is my first post on this forum, and I'm not really sure if this is even the right place to post my inquiry, but if my question has already been addressed or if their is another spot on the boards where I should be posting, please point me in the right direction.

Here's my dilemma:

My family has a bunch of VHS home videos, and they would like to convert it to DVDs. We bought a DVD recorder, a Samsung DVD-VR330, and yesterday, after many unsuccessful attempts, we were able to convert our first VHS tape to a DVD+RW. Now, I would like to take these discs, and edit them, doing things like adding some titles/texts in the video, cutting out some dead time, etc. We purchased DVD+RWs specifically because that is what our DVD burner is compatible with. Anyways, on my computer right now, I believe I have 3 Video editing programs: Dell Movie Studio, Windows Movie Maker, and Sonic. I have experience with Sonic, as I have made some slideshows of vacations and such in the past and burned them to DVD. But after doing some research last night, I am now under the impression that none of these video applications that I have are sufficient enough to properly edit my home videos. I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, but after attempting to work with that, it said the files on my DVD+RW are not compatible, or invalid (although I am able to view the video footage on VideoLAN). This was the case for all the different video editing programs that I tried. The files on the DVD+RW include, one file, called "Video_RM", which contains 2 DAT files, one IFO file, and 2 BUP files. The other file is called "Video_TS" 6 PowerDVD files, 2 BUP files, and IFO files. I did not produce or alter any of these files, they are just what were on the DVD after they were copied from the VHS tape.

So basically, I need help regarding what program I should use to edit these that would be compatible, or if I need to convert the some, or all, of the files on the DVD. It would be ideal if I could use one of the video editing programs that I have already mentioned but if need be, I am willing to look into other applications. Thank you for reading all of this, and any advice is most helpful. Happy New Year!

-Sam :wave:
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i have never done this,i think you have to load them onto your h/drive then do the editing and them send it back to dvd disk
i have asked someone from another section to have a look
Ok, thanks...just for a bit of clarification, the exact message when I attempt to import the files from disk to adobe premiere is:
"File format not supported."
moved to multimedia. I'll see what the design team has any input on this
i have done very little video editing, but the small bit i did using autogordianknot and virtualdub. i copied the files from the dvd to a folder on the HD and used autoGK to convert them to and AVI clip. then i used virtualdub to cut out pieces of the AVI clip. i didn't do any more than that, so maybe those 2 programs might be of use to you?
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