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DVD+RW GCA-4040N not recognizing all disk

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Hey. I had to format my computer, afterword, by DVD rom stopped recognizing burned disk, some movies, most audio cd's, purchased and burned cd's and dvd's with media on them, and it won't write cd's or dvd's.
I have:
1. reinstalled the DVD rom
2. tried to find firmware updates to no avail
3. reinstalled the drivers
4. cleaned the drive
5. tried many media types, always the same issue
6. updated windows
7. disabled all anti-virus software, dvd playing software, cd copying software
8. checked the black list for issues, no blacklist programs running

thats about it. any ideas, I'd appreciate the help. it's just odd because some disk have no issues, but most the computer doesn't pick up on, automatically or manually.
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have you run the m/b setup disk
checked the device manager for any yellow marks alongside the entry
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