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DVD rom & new CD-RW drive not recognised

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I have just installed a lite-on 48-24-16 CD-RW (internal) drive. I already have a dvd rom drive. I have set the jumper settings to Master on the CD-RW & slave on the DVD rom and double checked all cables, which are connected to IDE 2, and they seem fine.

However, when I start the PC it stops on the very first screen, which details the Motherboard (KT7 Turbo-R) and then eventually goes into a second screen and advises me that there is a 'boot disk error' & to insert the system disk.

I've inserted the system disk but then it just went onto a black screen with A:\.

HELP, what is going on and how do I get it to accept the new configuration?????
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it almost sounds to me as if you have the master/slave settings wrong. in your machine, what is running off ide 1 and what is running off ide 2?

in my machine i have:

ide 1 master= wd hard disk drive c:
slave= wd hard disk drive d:

ide 2 master= HP multiread cd burner
slave= lite-on 56x cd-rom

make sure that you dont have two masters on ide 1 and two slaves on ide 2, that would definately cause what you described.
you could try it the way i assemble machines, try the machine with ide 1 set up only, with your hard disk as master, and put something else on the same branch as a slave, then try adding slowly from there. i use this method so that i can see where it screws up. but, are you running 2 cd drives and 1 hard disk, or 2 hard disks?

i wish i could be of more help.
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Many thanx for your reply, Bob.

I double checked which cables were running to which IDE & can confirm that IDE1 is only connected to my HDD, of which there is only one, & that IDE2 is currently only connected to my new CD-RW drive, as it is when I connect both DVD & CD-RW drives to the cable on IDE2 that the trouble starts. Unfortunately, I cannot connect the 2nd connection on the HDD cable to one of the CD ROM drives, as it won't reach!

Any further ideas would be very much appreciated.

i cant beleive i didnt notice your reply over a month ago. i read that you have a hard disk on ide one. it is working fine i assume. you say that you have a cd drive on ide two, and it works. but when you plug the second drive into ide two it has errors. have you made sure that the jumpers on the back of the drives are set correctly?

the one you want to be first should be jumpered to master.
the one you want to be second should be jumpered to slave.

if this isnt your problem, or if i am too late, let me know.

Boa Constrictor said:
Check for inferenctences

you mean interference ? hehehe I dunno how to spellit either....

campanula, welcome to the forums...
how do you have these drives set in BIOS ? are they on auto detect or do you have them manually set on master/slave etc ?

let us know.... :D
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