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OK.I have an utterly perplexing problem..I was messing about with learning to boot from USB drives,simply because it was something I had never done before.It wasn't exactly hard!!But that is digressing

Install all went fine,but I noticed I had no DVD drive installed.In My Comp,or in Device Manager. I tried the fix it link that Microsoft offer on their website,it downloads,it opens to the first page and then I get an unexplained error code

(This one HERE ).

I've tried tinkering with the upper/lower filters in the registry to no avail too.

So,after a while of chin scratching,it occured to me that there had been a couple of times that the DVD drive had failed on me,not reading or struggling to read, so I changed the drive for one that I know worked..

Nada.No installing device,nothing in D-Manager or Computer,and even weirder,after a look around, nothing in BIOS either..

Any ideas what could have happened?And more importantly how to rectify it?

Its an Asus X58L, 3GB RAM,running Windows 7 Ultimate by the way.

Thanks in advance.

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