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DVD flick two fit all the files on one DVD

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DVD flick to fit all 3 or more files on one DVD

I made a DVD video from 3 avi files using DVD Flick.
I saved the files to folder so I can burn it again later on Nero Burn Rom DVD video.

When I try to use Nero Burn Rom DVD video it said it was too large to fit.
I think it was like sligthly over 4.3 gigs..

So I had to DVD Shrink it to an acceptable size for burning.

So I think it should have worked since target size setting was fit at 4.3 gigs in Project Settings /general ?

Is there a way to save a step to set DVD Flick so it would shrink to burn to a regular DVD blank without having to go to use DVD Shrink ?

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Hi zhong, just downloaded DVD Flick to have a look at it and under Project Settings>General>Target Size, the default is 4.3GB which should fit to a standard 4.7GB DVD? I suppose you could choose Custom from the drop down menu in Target Size and then manually set the target size to 4250MB.
Have you tried another DVD burning software to see if it's not just an issue with Nero reading the file size wrong? I gave up on Nero ages ago after countless headaches with it. Have been using Deepburner or ImgBurn (great bit of software) and both are free.
Also while your under Project Settings go to Burning and put a check box in Burn Project to Disk once it has rendered the video it will automatically start IMGBurn and burn your DVD to the 4.38GB size if that is what was selected in Target Size. No need to use Nero.
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