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DVD drive gone in Win and in BIOS

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Hi guys.
First of all, if you help me out with this prob i'll really appriciate it and love you all :D.

Now, to the troubles:

I've got an Acer Aspire 5220 lnotebook, OS WinXP SP3 on.
Some month ago my DVD drive decided not to work, i don't know why and i didn't thinked of solving the problem, since i rarely used it and i tought a further format would have solved all the problems (as always).
Lately i've been having some trouble with other applications and a lovely BSOD started to appear everytime i wanted to turn off the PC, making it restart everytime. I Noticed that only 3-4 days after the error came up, so i thinked of doing the format, and in the meanwhile i shutted down the pc with "brutal showdown" (5 sec on turn off button procedure). This was 2 days ago.
Suddenly i reminded of that DVD recognizion problem, and as i feared, it revealed to be more annoying than i thought:
The DVD drive is not even recognized in the BIOS.

So i started searching around for a solution (also coming on a 3ad on this site) and i tried all the stuff that i could:

-Looking for the registry lines to cancel, but they weren't there
-checking the hardware not recognized, wasn't even listed
-checking the boot order, but no cd-dvd listed under that voice
-opening up the notebook to check eventual unwired stuff, but it seemed all right (about that, i didn't yet arrived directly to the DVD drive, since i needed a smaller screwdriver to open the slot)
-updating the bios
-uninstalling all the programs that had to do with the DVD drive in some way

Useless to say that anything worked.
Also, i wanted to restore, but there weren't any restore point before the DVD problem came up (also, who knows which was that date....)
So the actual situation is: When i press the button the tray comes out, but nor windows or the BIOS would recognize the drive, and i'm about to crush my head in the screen.

Guys, u're my last resource before going to the technichan (and i would really love to save those money XD).

Any ideas?
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Do you mean to re-check the physical drives?
Anyway, any ohter suggestion?
If the drive is not detected in the BIOS then this is a hardware problem.

Remove the drive then re-insert in the drive bay to make sure properly seated.

Last option (most likely culprit) is to replace the drive.
Hey there, excuse me for not replying in these days, i think i had some connection problem (2 days ago i tried to get to the 3ad, but it looked like the site wasn't online).

Anyways, after buying the right screwdriver set i opened up the laptop again and tried unplugging and re-pluggin in the drive, and still no answer. So i kinda have the sensation it is broken...

Whatever, i'll have to buy a new one. In the meanwhile, maybe i'll find a way to use the optic laser in the drive :D

Thank you for the suggestion, i'll post when the problem is solved ;)
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