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DVD Drive completly broken...

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Well, even though i have posted b4 on this same issue....

It never really got resolved because i gave up... But now i really would like to watch dvds again so im just getting fustrated. Well as stated in my last thread, the dvd drive isnt working at all. It opens, it closes, the lights turn on to act as if it is reading the dvd... but, nothing happens and when i try to read the dvd in the Windows Explorer, no dvd files are found wat so ever and then i put the dvd in another computer or another dvd player and it works perfectly. This is getting quite fustrating. So, I have Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

If u r really skilled or watever and know the excact problem and can help me out, please post here as much as possible or PM me for my Instant Messege S/n's. Thx for ur help. :grin:
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Let's back up. Does the dvd drive work as a cd drive?

Can it view dvd's, just not play movies?

Have you tried reloading the disk that came with the dvd drive?
well, i didnt get a cd with the drive, it was preinstalled and no, i cant view,play, edit, or do anything with my dvds

Also, the name of the DVD drive is: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B

Revision: 0015
Can you read any disk(cd or dvd)? Are you getting any error messages?
No error messages and i can read CD's in the CD-ROM drive and i cannot read CD-s in the DVD -ROM drive.
It could be that you have a driver conflict. Do you use nero? If nero has ever been on your system you can download a driver remover from the link below.
well i tryed the software... nothing. o well
this happened with my NEC dvd writer, i couldnt read DVD's or CD's... this was after buying it new about 2 months before hand.

It was just broken, take it back and get a new one if i were you. Or just buy a new one if its out of warranty. Theyre only about 40 quid now anyway.
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