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Been trying to troubleshoot this issue for over a month now.
Ive been back and forth with some people over at "", however no solution has been provided.:4-dontkno

Link and background on this issue is here.

Basically mid-way burning a dvd my computer shuts off completely.

Used 5 different burning software, so thats not the problem.
Today replaced the dvd rom, not the problem.
Power Supply issue?

Now I have issues with my graphics card as well, It doesnt work correctly while playing high end pc games that it is fully capable of running, this is my only Monitor plug-in so ive kept it in untill i can afford to purchase a new graphics card.

Graphics Issue Link:Solved: I need to replace and i know that.

But is this conflicting with my dvd burning at all or possibly leaking power?

MSI K9N SLI PLatinum NForce570 SLI
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core
Geforce 7900GTX 512MB x16
2x1GB Corsair DDR2 6400 XMS2
Aspire 600W Dark Side PS
Win XP SP2
250GB SATA2/3Gb 16MB 7200RPM

Hi EscoTech and welcome to TSF :wave:

Do not worry as all issues are solved here at TSF :grin:.

It has come to my attention that you might have a heat or voltage issue with your computer. We can not assume that it is one of these so we will go ahead and check. I would like you to download and install the program Speedfan. When you are done installing Speedfan open and look for 3 columns. One should have temperatures, the other should have voltages, and the last one should contain your fan speeds. When you have found this information please post to me in a column such as this: (Example)


Temp1: 30 C
Temp2: 60 C
HD0: 44 C

Voltages (only for desktops)

5.5V: 5.5
3.33V: 3.24

Fan Speeds

Speed1: 2480 RPM

(Remember this is just an example, please post your exact information)
If you are running on a Dell Laptop please follow these steps then post your temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds:

  • Open Speedfan
  • Click Configure on the Main Screen
  • Go to the Options Tab
  • Check the: "Enable DELL Support (use this function only on DELL notebooks)" check box
  • Click Ok then Close Speedfan
  • Start Speedfan once again

Then post your temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds.

It seems that you might have an issue with drivers on your computer so we will now do a check with the Windows Device Manager to make sure of this. Please follow the steps below:

Windows XP Method

  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • Type in devmgmt.msc and click Ok

In your next post report back if you see yellow exclamation marks, or red X's on any icon in the Device Manager.

Apart of our troubleshooting process needs us to boot your computer into Safe Mode to test things. I would like you to start up your computer and when it gets past the BIOS Splash Screen (first load up screen) I would like you to keep tapping the F8 key.

When you get to the Advanced Boot Up Options page I would like you to use the arrow keys to navigate to Safe Mode. Hit enter on Safe Mode and choose the Operating System that has the issue. Log onto your computer as you would normally and post back whether the computer booted up correctly or the issue has not started again.

Also check in C:\Windows\Minudump and tell me if there are any files, in there.

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Well you want exact, This is as exact as youll get , hope this is better than your chart. :grin:

Under devmgmt.msc
There are no exclamations, only red X I have is on a disabled Nvidia Nforce Network Controller because I don't need it.

Under C:\Windows\Minidump
There is 1x .dmp file
96.0 KB (98,304 bytes)

Started in Safe-Mode as you asked, Start up was error free, no problems.

It has come to my attention that you have either experienced many or just one BSoD (Blue Screen of Death). To figure out what file or piece of hardware is causing this I will need your minidump files to work with. I will use these files to read what was on your RAM when the exception at the Kernel happened. I will use the program WinDbg to do this. Please follow the below steps for me to obtain your dump files.

I would like you to go to:

  • Start
  • Run
  • Type in Explorer and click Ok

Then I would like you to enter this into the address bar or go to this directory:


When successfully navigated to this folder I would like you to move all of these files onto your desktop and create a new Zip folder called "Minidump Files." Place your Minidumps into this Compressed Zip Folder and upload it to the TSF Server in your next post including more information on what has happened since my last post. The second method is that you can upload the same Zip Folder to another file sharing server like Microsoft Skydrive if you have a Windows Live Account so I can download it there to.

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referring to my graphics problem or my dvd burn shutdown problem?

See, im confused, because ive never seen the bsod on my computer, other computers ive had sure...but not this one as of yet.

I have however gotten graphics errors similair to what is stated in that thread, not as a bsod but as an error box from the desktop.

Interesting, maybe I downloaded something else, well someone has a graphics card problem out there in the world :laugh:. Try reinstalling the driver for the drive, this may help fix the issue. :smile:

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lol. hmm, was under Shared Folders > EscoTech > "Minidump Files".

Ive re-installed the last 3 drivers that have come out each one over and over.

Few days ago I installed the latest Nvidia driver, no fixin's

This could very well much be your issue, try it with another Motherboard, and CPU. Sorry I was not around to answer back, I was at a clients house working on a PC there :smile:

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No prob, I may ship my mobo to MSI, see if that fixes gotta do what you gotta do, thanks for your help so far.....Ill try and continue here when i get my mobo back.
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