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DVD burn errors:

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My burner is a NEC DVD-RW ND-3550a with the lastest firmware per NEC's website. Mainboard drivers are all current as well. I'm running Windows XP SP2, 2gb RAM, AMD 3000+ XP processor.

My problem is with burning Data DVD's. I keep getting a failed burn with the error: "DMA-drive error, CRC error".

I've tried various brands of media, DVD-R, R/W, etc... All come back with the DMA error. I've used Nero 7 and Deep Burner to attempt burning data DVD's.

Here is the catch. I download movies, television shows etc... I convert them to DVD format and use CloneDVD2 to burn these movies/shows to DVD with no problems. Never a problem. I've even used Nero to put multiple television episodes on a disc with a nifty menu heh, no problem.

I only see the "DMA-drive error, CRC error" when burning DATA DVD's.

I've seen mention somewhere on these boards of a 40 wire IDE and 80 wire IDE, I'm not exactly sure which I have but my next step is buying a new IDE. Other than that, I've uninstalled, reinstalled the various software, hardware, primary and secondary IDE channels etc etc...

I have successfully burned data to DVD with very small files and at most, 5 files total. Under 100megs total I'm sure. So with video I can burn the max capacity of a DVD; Data, not... Which makes me question cables.

Anyone have thoughts on this?
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it sounds like dma has reverted to pio mode
an 80 wire has 3 different coloured plugs and is required by dvdrw drives
I've just performed the "quick solution" found following the link given. About to try burning data again.

As for the IDE, they are not color coded. They are a few years old as well heh.
it is in the last couple of years as the burning speed increased on the drives
i will send a p/message
After rebooting as required from the "quick solution" download (from the link given), I have successfully backed up all data to DVD at 4x speed!! That is a first in probably a good 6 months :grin:

dai, thank you for all your help. I may reply to this thread again within the next few days as I burn again for a follow-up. Thank you :smile:
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