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Duplicate entries in device manager under processor and video card

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:D I just did a clean install of xp home on my new Abit IS7-E, P4 2.4GHz, 512MB Kingston PC2700, Sapphire 9600PRO.

I now have duplicate entries in Device Manager showing 2 entries under Processor P4 2.4GHZ and Display Adapter, 2 entries for 9600Pro.

How do I safely deal with this?

Thank You in advance for your help.
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you sure it was a clean install? (no programs were installed when you rebooted).

Don't know about the P4 but I would think you could delete any double driver entries. If you delete the wrong one then do a System Restore or delete both of them and reinstall a new one.
Check which are newer, and who released them. If they are the same, uninstall one of them. You can always restore if something messes up. If they aren't the same, you should keep the one signed by Microsoft. If they are both signed by Microsoft, uninstall the old ones.
If your P4 has "Hyper Threading", and it's enabled in your MoBo's bios, then it is normal for there to be 2 entries in your device manager, 'cause with this, the OS sees the one CPU, as a dual processor setup.
If your video card has some type of dual output, (monitor + monitor, or monitor + tv out) then 2 entries in the device manager is normal for most types of these cards.
At least that's how mine is as well, using a P4 3.0 HT, and a 9200 Radeon based card with dual monitor support.

Cheers... James
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