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DUN and VPN 0.0 mb

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Here's one for all of you, when uninstalling and reinstalling dial up networking and virtual private networking, when you go to put them back in and when you place the check in the box and no value populates next to so it would say:

Dial up Networking 0.0mb
Virtual Private Networking 0.0mb

But yet it still appears in the network stack and sometimes they can connect and route and other times they cannot, why is there a value sometimes and not others?

And if there is no value and they cannot connect or route on the internet how would you go about reinstalling these components?

Any help would be appreciated.

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go in and remove them....follow the prompts...then when you do that re-install them...any diffrence???
i know...

I know how to uninstall and reinstall them , what I am asking is if when you reinstall them and there is no value beside them what does this mean, when I know i have people who could still connect and route without vlaues and others that can't.
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