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dumping physical memory?

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os: xp home ed.
recently, like today right after I logged onto IE, I got the blue screen & it's dumping memory & restarting. Now I get an occational IEXPLORE.exe generated errors message & is shutting down?
Whats happening to cause this?
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Could be many things do to the fact you were so vague about the information given on your blue screen error. Dumps are processed and coded for MS to receive the error that occured and review. I'm unsure if anyone has yet found a way to read dump files, other than submitting the error report from event viewer and reading it in there.

Next time the error occurs, be sure to include the coded info (ex: 0x00000ed, etc.) and if also applicable, the file name error. Usually a .dll file or .sys file.
I did manage to copy info from last error.

iexplore.exe generated errors & will close
tech info
stop :0x000008E (oxoooooo5,oxBF85727F,oxF44C453C

thats all I could copy in the time before shutdown
I also checked DRwatson & have 3 errors listed as follows;
c:\programfiles\internet explorer\iexplore.exe C0000005mshtml

C:\programfiles\internet explorer\iexplore.exe C0000005mshtml

C:\programfiles\internet explorer\iexplore.exe C0000005ntdlllisdigit(77F55127)

I'm not sure how much that will help,but it does point me to a problem within or about IE6.
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