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Dumb question re: XP installation

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but does XP have an option that allows you to "Upgrade" your current Windows (To XP), or is the only option a full format, install everything, ala Win 2000 Pro.

Currently use Win 98 600MHZ Pent III, 512k Ram, PC100. Would love to upgrade, so long as I don't lose my current files and have to worry about my sound card not working.

Thanks for any help on this -

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Before you do anything like upgrades or clean installs, you should backup any files you need before getting a new OS. But if you do an upgrade you shouldn't loose all your files but you might have to reinstall your sound card drivers. (if XP doesn't support it) But my suggestion is to do a clean install and make backup copies of your files for the new OS. Hope this helps.
Drifters makes some good points...but XP does allow you to upgrade...and if your equitment is main kmart specials...and has more then the recommended specs go for it...XP is a MAJOR improvement....

And dont worry about asking a question...if it has been answered before then someone will have the right answer or know where to point you....If you had the question then so did someone else, they just were afraid to ask...and Welcome to the boards
IMO, unless there's some really big reason to do so, I would NOT upgrade an older version of Windows with XP. A clean install will be much more stable as a rule, upgrades are frequently problematic.
and if your equitment is main kmart specials...
:D LMAO ...

Update Vs Clean Install ..

I would go Clean Install simply because it wipes the registry and anything else that could give you problems ... not to mention that Windows just runs better if its blown out every so often.

But if you want to upgrade then IMHO you should not have a problem, Iv upgraded 2 machines from Win2k&Win98 to Xp Pro with no problems. MS has solved allot of the upgrade issues that existed with previous releases and it tends to work out now. But as Doonz said make sure your system can run it before you install it.
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