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Dual processing

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Hello, I am wondering if someone could help me out . I am running a dual ATHLON mp system using the new GA-7DPXDW motherboard. Im not sure if it using the second processor or not. I cant see it in post it only says one I think..... I have check checked all jumpers on the motherboard, and there is none for a dual seting, all of em are for usb etc.. I have switched the cpu's around so i know they are good cause they wont post without one or the other. Is there some software i could use to detect it ? or how can I tell if I am using it? Using task manager only shows one CPU. they show up in the bios fine. and have tried third party programs to monitor temperature, but none will show 2 cpu's.

any commecnts apprecitated!
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Forgot to mention I am running XP now, have tried windows 2000 previously and running Dual MP 2000+.
Welcome to TSF kamjack....................:D

I looked on Gigabytes website to find the manual for your board and couldn't find the number you posted.

I could have missed it, Is the number above the correct one?
Enter BIOS. Go to PC HEALTH. It should show you the temp of both cpu's.
Yea, the temperature is recording fine in the bios but the operating system is only using one of them. Come to find out, for some reason or another, one cpu is bad, wont post, I tested both in a different box just to make sure, go figure. I called the vendor where I got it from, and going to get another one. Ill let you know the outcome! Thanks alot Folks, but ya today Ijust found the board on the site. had to be in the "server" section to get dual boards. I found out the CPU wouldnt post after I had updated the bios and was twiddleing my thumbs. Finally I decided to test each one in a different Computer. You would think it would be good out of the box wouldnt ya? bought both from the same company, Oh well.
Yeah, you would especially with the price of processors. Hope everything works out for you!

WOW, what a trip, yea, the CPU was bad, go figure. Man this machine is smooth as silk, running 2 gaming servers now, One tfc and one natural selection. And one FTP server. Before , with one XP 1900, it would run at 80-90 percent, now it runs at 17% max W3wt! Mna have to build me one of these personally, the short time I was using it, I was drooling on how fast it multi tasks :)
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