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Dual OS system is Dead Slow

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I have a Intel Pentium 4 machine with 128MB RAM, very recently I installed one more hard disk of 40GB capacity as Primary slave.I also installed Redhat 8.0 on the slave hard disk. Now I have Win98 and Redhat 8.0.After doing this my system has become dead slow The system is on a LAN with internet access. Earlier when I had only win98 it was pretty fast.

Now is this problem because of loading Linux or because of installing the second hard disk as primary slave.

Can anybody tell me whether the problem will be solved if I make the second hard disk as Secondary master.!!
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Define "dead slow", is browsing slow, is the machine itself slow? Are specific apps slow, or the OS's slow? And by slow are windows drawing slowly? Do you see alot of disk activity?
I feel its the OS , i am experiencing the browsing very slow,When i boot to Linux its pretty fast and even other applications run fast in Linux.

But when I work on WIn98 which is the other OS, everything is slow especially browsing.Sometimes even the system hangs.

suggestions please!!
So Linux itself is not slow, its windows thats being slow? I doubt that its something to do directly with the install of a second hard drive and putting linux on it although I might be wrong, you may want to cross post this in the Windows forum to see if anyone might be able to give you some help, I unfortunately don't use windows at all so I'm not much of a resource :(
Thanks gotissues68!!,

ok i will post the same in Windows forum, hope to get some solution there.
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