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Dual Monitor Video Card ...simple question?

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Hi..I have a simple question re setting up dual monitors in my PC...Should I buy a PCIe x 16 video card with dual DVI or VGA connectors on it ....Or does it matter if I get a card with one of each..IE a VGA and a DVI connector and use an adaptor for the one not applicable...Thanks HK
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as long as it has two outputs for video on the pcie you should be fine, i would opt for one with 2 dvi or dvi,hdmi, just so i can get digital rather than analog signals
Thanks for that Info...I am not into gaming etc ..I transcribe music and realise that I need two monitors so as I can work between a program on each ...I presume just a lower end card would do present I am looking at a Galaxy GF6600GT 128MB PCI-E DDR3 HDTV Dual DVI on the national online auction ....I would presume it would do what I require..HK
What country are you shopping from?

Also can you list your system specs? Including your psu.make/model/watts
Hi ..Its an Acer Aspire SA90 with F671CR MB ..Intel Core 2 Duo E4400..I thought it had an AGP slot but its a PCIe ... 1024 MBytes of memory and I can increase this ....I have just put a Audigy 4 Soundcard in it ...Please advise if more info required...Oh yes I am in New Zealand ....Thanks HK
your unit seems to come up with a 250w psu, I would highly recommend you upgrade the psu before you put in a pci video card. From the looks of it, it should be able to take a standard atx psu
I am not familiar with pc parts shops in New Zealand.
Thanks for the Info ..I never considered the PSU as a factor ..What do you recommend I upgrade too?...
I have bought a Video card (specs below) so hope its suitable..HK

Graphics Processor / Vendor NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
Clock Speed: 560 MHz
RAMDAC Clock Speed: 400 MHz
Video Memory Installed 256 MB
Technology: GDDR3 SDRAM 128-bit
Memory Clock Speed: 1.4 GHz
Features: Nvidia SLI Multi-GPU Technology

Manufacturer's product description
The NVIDIA SLI-Ready GeForce 7600 graphics processing units (GPUs) unleash extreme HD gaming and video on the PC. Featuring the award-winning GeForce 7 Series architecture, the GeForce 7600 GPUs deliver smooth, realistic gaming at ultra-high resolutions. Additionally, the GeForce 7600 GPUs bring high-definition, home-theater quality video to the PC through the acclaimed NVIDIA PureVideo technology.
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Get a corsair or seasonic psu....550w . remember that you can always take that psu with you to your next computer.
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