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Dual Monitor Support Win XP

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This is my motherboard manual

I have an onboard VGA port and I have a DVI graphics card however I only have 2 VGA monitors. What parts do I need to buy to get dual monitor support.
I don't have any cables seen in the motherboard manual that connect to the DVI graphics card.

Thanks in advance
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you can get vga to dvi adaptors but if the graphic card has only one port, then I doubt you will get dual monitors using both onboard and card.
What are my options ?

I want to be sure I can get dual monitor support. Please see motherboard manual for more details.

I have a really old PCI graphics card which I have inserted into my motherboard. I have set the bios to (enabled, 8mb) however it shows in device manager as error code 10 the device. It says the device cannot. It has a microsoft driver assigned to it which may not be the right one and I cannot find a driver for it.

its a s3 trio 32/64 graphics card

Any help appreciated
imo, it would be best to get a graphic card with two video ports.
I have all my drivers up to date and the correct driver is assigned to it.

I now have inserted an older PCI graphics card into my computer.
I still have a DVI-graphics card which is plugged in a PCIE slot but I don't want to use this card for dual monitor support.

How can I used this PCI card together with my onboard VGA port?

I have changed the BIOS to use onboard as Primary and I set it to enabled.8mb (meaning both cards are enabled)

The problem is that if I set onboard as primary the PCI graphics card is shown with error code 10 (the device cannot start) and the same thing happens the opposite way if I set the PCI to primary.

Please help. How can I fix this.

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You can't always mix onboard video chipsets and addon cards as it causes conflicts, which would appear to be the issue you are currently having. Removing the card or disabling the onboard graphics should resolve the issue. From what you have described, you have onboard graphics enabled and have 2 (two) video cards installed. You can typically get more than one addon card to work together, although it's recommended to stick with the same chipset or brand.
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