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Dual Boot System Issue

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Hey guys,

I finally got around to putting windows 7 on my custom built PC that has had vista on it. During the installation I wanted to go ahead and take everything off the computer so I chose to replace and to delete all of my old files. For some reason or another it decided to make a dual boot system, now when I start up I can choose whether to launch vista or windows 7. Now due to my limited HD space I would like to go ahead and get vista off of it, is there any way to do this without deleting windows 7 and totally reinstalling again, as I already transferred a bunch of stuff.

To give you a hint of what I am looking at .. its something like this
but I installed 7 accidentally with vista instead of on top of.

Thanks for the help!
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Is Win 7 on a different drive or partition, or on the same drive/partition as Vista?
Do this when booted to both Vista and Win 7:
Click Start | Run (or press WinKey+R), type cmd, press Enter
type Set System and press Enter
Copy the results and paste them in your next reply.
To copy from the Command Prompt
Right click the title bar
Point to Edit
Click Select All. This highlights everything
Press Enter. This copies to the clipboard.
Click in the reply window, press CTRL+V

Also attach a screen shot of the Disk Management window as seen from both Vista and Win 7:
Click Start | Run (or press WinKey+R), type diskmgmt.msc, press Enter
To attach a file, click the Go Advanced button under the reply window, then the Manage Attachments button in the Additional Options section under the Reply window
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I was able to figure it out. Basically just got rid of the windows.old file and then deleted the vista OS in BOOT.

Thanks (=
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