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DSL-504T issues

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I seem to be having similar problems to various other threads here, but haven't been able to work out an answer yet.

I have a DLink DSL-504T, that's worked fine for 9 months. At the weekend, it started dropping the internet connection on a regular basis. Sometimes, re-saving the config and re-starting therouter opens the connection again, and all works fine so long as I keep using the connection. But if I stop for a few minue, it hangs and I have to go through the same procedure. Which only resolves the problem occasionally.

The ADSL light on the router stays on the whole time. I've tried downloading the latest frmware from the DLink site, but this has not helped.

PC is XP Home, HP Pavilion. I also tried disconnecting the 1394 connection mentioned in anothe thread, this did not help.

Any suggestions very welcome!


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Update, but still problems

I have an update on this, but am still suffering from lack of connectivity. I have 2 old computers connected to the ADSL router, and one new one. (All ages relative..) With just the two old ones connected, everything works fine. But when I connect the new one in, not only does it not access the internet, but it stops the other two accessing it as well, so no connectivity at all.

I've tried updating the firmware on the router, and the new PC's NIC, which hasn't helped. I can share files etc between the PC's, so that suggests the NICs are working to some extent, also that the router is acting as a router. But connecting the new machine just seems to dump the ADSL connection.

I've been through as many config and setp files as I can find related to IE, etc etc, but nothing seems to work.


Solved - I think

All these posts from me! But thought I'd post answer for info to others. I think it's to do with iTunes 5.0 which I'd downloaded on the "new" PC. Appears it embeds something called the Bonjour service in it, which wasn't in the previous iTunes (which I had on other PCs). And apprently, Bonjour somehow blocks internet access. Not sure how. But I went into msconfig and turned off the Bonjour service and all seems well. Read posts from various other people with the same problem, so it seems a bit of a nuisance. Bonjour lets you share music with other PCs on the same network apparently, but I can live without that.

So I hope that helps someone..
Another beta tester for buggy new software. :smile:
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