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Dropped a hard drive, need to recover

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Hi there!
I recently opened up my girlfriend's laptop (she shattered her screen, so she bought a new one instead of dishing out the costs to replace it) and took out the hard drive; unfortunately at the time, I didn't have the proper screw driver to remove the HD from it's casing, so I took it to my house in order to get the correct one. I accidentally dropped it from waist height onto a hard ground, however, and need to recover the data that was inside of it.

The hard drive is recognized, I presume, considering it gets to the 'Windows loading' page, but then suddenly crashes thereafter. Bearing in mind that I have very little knowledge in repairing hard drives in these types of situations, I've been told that since it is recognized, I can simply get an adapter kit and plug it directly into my PC, making sure it's set up as slave; then, I transfer whatever data is recognized onto my Master hard drive.

However, before I buy the adapter kit and whatnot, I'd like to know if this method is actually viable, or what some of the other alternatives are. At this point in time, I don't know if the problem is the 'clicking noise of death' or not - but I will say that when I put it back into the laptop the other day, I didn't hear that type of noise.

Any advice/insight would be much appreciated!

Edit: For those of you that may inquire, it's a SATA hard drive.
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This is a normal procedure for getting data from HDD's. Whether or not it works, will now depend upon what damaged was caused when the drive was dropped.
Hi UndauntedOne,

Your are on the right path. I usually plugged the hard-drive myself to another computer via adapter kit when I have to recovery data on the hard-drive. Yes, definitely get an adapter kit, use it to plugged in the hard-drive to another computer and hopefully you will be able to recover the data.
Thanks for your replies!
So far it looks promising. I'm running EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard and was confused about the 'Total Files Found' and 'Total Files Identified' part. Am I going to lose a large majority of the files found?
Am I going to lose a large majority of the files found?
Physical drive failures follow no rules. You may be able to recover everything, or nothing. There is no way of knowing until you have recovered all you can.
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