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drives not detected

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My problem is similar to above, when cleaning (AVG Pro) a friend of mine's hardrive on my PC that was riddled with viruses,namely... ("Windows XP Anti Virus Pro, this virus conned my friend in downloading this") All was done and I re-installed his hard drive in his PC and just needed windows repair and was sorted.
BUT! Now my third hard drive which I unplugged, which shares the same connection as my CD-ROM,they both do not show on my bios screen,but have power.
I have two other hard drives connected on a other IDE connetion (one Master and Slave) they are fine!Re-booted several joy.I have even swopped the two IDE connectors joy.Has this virus done something?
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are you using an 80 wire cable on them with
master on the end plug
slave to the middle plug
check the jumpers are set correctly
recheck the jumpers try a new cable
check that ide2 is still enabled in the bios
when the bios is not seeing it then it's usually one of these
it's either that or the jumper settings
xp 1g
vista 2g
it's the min but adequate for most things
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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