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drives not detected

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My problem is similar to above, when cleaning (AVG Pro) a friend of mine's hardrive on my PC that was riddled with viruses,namely... ("Windows XP Anti Virus Pro, this virus conned my friend in downloading this") All was done and I re-installed his hard drive in his PC and just needed windows repair and was sorted.
BUT! Now my third hard drive which I unplugged, which shares the same connection as my CD-ROM,they both do not show on my bios screen,but have power.
I have two other hard drives connected on a other IDE connetion (one Master and Slave) they are fine!Re-booted several joy.I have even swopped the two IDE connectors joy.Has this virus done something?
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Hi There!
Yes all my connections are correct,I've been formatting other peoples hard drives for quite some time,namely by removing the IDE cable from my third hard drive which shares a connection to my CD-ROM.What I always do though,is pull the jumper off (making it a slave) right click on it and scan for viruses,format if my client wants it formatted and so on,yeah have been doing this for a long time until this weird scenario.:4-dontkno
my bios is set on "BOTH" as well I swopped the two cables around and only my two other drives are picked up by the bios,no joy fitted a brand new cable ,no joy.What I am going to try is leaving my third drive disconnected and just connect the cd-rom,if the rom works it is a possibilty that the drive is knackerd,I hope not.
Yep Dai! the hard drive is knackerd,the cd-rom worked and what I did was got another drive smacked that in and that one worked fine.
The drive that's knackerd is a 120G Western Digital IDE.
I would also,if I may, ask about "how much RAM is enough?" I'm presently using Windows xp pro sp3 with an Nvidia 8600GT 512 ghraphics card and 1024Ram, yeah this is fine for now,but with the advent of being forced to use "Vista" what is enough?
I'm told to not mess around and just buy two 2G rams and be done with it.

Dai! thank you for your on going help:pray:
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