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Drivers won't update

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I have a problem. I'm trying to install the newest Ati drivers but after the installation, the driver version still remains the same. I also tried uninstalling all my drivers and clean traces with Driver Sweeper in safe mode, but still after installing the new drivers, it won't update to the new version.
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Hi and welcome to TSF can you please either post your make and model of computer or if a custom build the motherboard,video card,ram,soundcard,cpu,power supply and wattage
Forgot my password. All I know is that I have a HD3650, 4GB RAM, AMD Athlon 5200+ X2 2.70 and a 32 bit Windows 7.

ATI CCC shows this: Driver Packaging Version 8.741
Device manager shows the same. Driver version 8.741.
Ok frst I have to tell you we cannot help with passwords it is against forum rules,so is this a custom build or off the shelf
Ok so what is the make and model there should be a sticker on the case with the info ie on the base if a laptop or at the rear if a desktop sometimes there are others
I think it's custom built by the manufacturer, because it's none of the well known companies.
Hi this is fine as long as you can tell me who made it and any other info you can manage to get we can still try to track things down,I can't just give a driver as it may be the wrong one, and I also need to get a chance to look over the spec so that I can try the makers site first as not all cards will take a update from ati,since some makers alter them to suit specific hardware
Well, there's a catch. The computer I have right now, isn't on the manufacturer's website. Is there any other way I can look up my computer's info? And by the way, it never was a problem before, I don't know what happened.
Hi you can try running everest ultimate trial version and get the hardware id's from the report thats the pci ven and dev numbers next to each piece of hardware in the report and follow the instructions here
Is it really that complicated? My searching has been always like this. Go to Google, search ATI drivers, choose correct things and just download them.
Well, I found ID's but not the ID of the video card. But I found this.

Installed Drivers:
atiumdag - ATI Catalyst 10.6

Driver Date 5/27/2010
Driver Version 8.741.0.0

By the way, is it safe to send the whole report?
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Hi if there is anything in it you wish to remove go ahead,it is not really that complicated we are trying to get the correct driver not guess which one it is as that can create problems,the one other way to get the id is via device manager use + at the side of the device to expand the view then right click on it and choose propeties then details and hardware id from the drop down list
Still the same. I guess it's supposed to be like this. Thanks for your help.
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