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Drivers Compaq presario CQ60-215DX Notebook PC needed

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only, i d'ont speak very well english :mad: i just learn .I' m francophonne.

Please i need a good drivers for Compaq presario CQ60-215DX Notebook PC(Windows xp, SP2)

This is the list for someone drivers:
-Ethernet controller
-video controller(VGA compatible)
-and also...;j'en ai vraiment besoin please!

so, perhaps you help me to learn the language of english!!:4-dontkno

je vous aime

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ok dai,
but it not free Dai!
il propose de telecharger le ficher, why?
it's free but you have to wait for the countdown to finish then the free d/load tab comes up
unregistered delay 90secs

registered delay 60 secs
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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